• Cherrie

The Border Crisis: Unaccompanied Children

News outlets have reported a surge in crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border, with many unaccompanied children taking part in the journey. The Biden administration has rightly and ethically decided to not deport unaccompanied children - these children are the most vulnerable as they are seeking to be in the U.S. primarily to escape violence in their home countries. Migrant routes are also rife with abuse. Would you decide to travel thousands of miles by yourself as a child if the benefits didn't outweigh the costs?

However, the agencies tasked with caring for these children, ICE and border patrol, are compromised agencies with checkered ethical pasts given their gestapo-style ruthlessness (see ICE agents involved with protestor abductions at the Portland George Floyd protests in 2020) as witnessed during the Trump administration. I challenge the Biden administration to either create new agencies or find other existing agencies to care for and support the children who have travelled a perilous path to a better life in the United States.

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